BIRD Aerosystems and HENSOLDT sign a follow-on contract to support advanced user capabilities for the Multi-Mode Radar

BIRD will customize its RCD (Radar Control and Display) system and MSIS mission management system to enable enhanced user capabilities tailored for the specific operational requirements of HENSOLDT’sRead more ›

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HENSOLDT delivers 2 ARGOS II EOS to police helicopter squadron of Thuringia

Oberkochen, Germany. 12 January 2021 . For HENSOLDT, it is another important EOS contract with a delivery as first tier supplier and prime contractor directly to the customer.Read more ›

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FCAS on track to the 4π Meta Sensor-Effector-System

The FCMS consortium is setting course for the future Taufkirchen, Germany. 03 November 2020. After signing the Future Combat Mission System consortium agreement during the Paris Air ShowRead more ›

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HENSOLDT delivers TRML-3D to Royal Thai Army

Third order of Mobile Air Surveillance and Defence Radar by Royal Thai Army Ulm, Germany. 22 October 2020. The sensor solutions provider HENSOLDT will equip the Royal ThaiRead more ›

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HENSOLDT receives Xpeller order from South America

Taufkirchen, Germany. 06 October 2020. In recent years, the sale of drones has increased massively in Brazil. These flying objects, which are becoming increasingly common in public areas,Read more ›

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HENSOLDT further develops its self-protection system MUSS

MUSS 2.0 offers a number of improvements Taufkirchen, Germany. 02 September 2020. “We have fundamentally revised and repositioned our technology,” explained Dr Oliver Rudow, Head of Business LineRead more ›

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HENSOLDT receives major order for boresight equipment from the German Armed Forces

The scope of delivery includes not only the adjustment optics but also the corresponding accessories Wetzlar, Germany. 21 August 2020 . In the course of setting up NATO’sRead more ›

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HENSOLDT invests in new clean rooms in Oberkochen

Oberkochen’s second biggest employer, HENSOLDT, is investing in new ISO 6 and ISO 7 class cleanrooms. The optics company has converted previous logistics areas and thus almost doubledRead more ›

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HENSOLDT supports partner Huneed Technologies in the delivery of MILDS AN/AAR-60 in South Korea

Taufkirchen, Germany. 21 April 2020 . With strong support from Germany, HENSOLDT‘s South Korean partner company, Huneed Technologies, was able to deliver the first eight final assembled MILDS AN/AAR-60Read more ›

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Hensoldt Wins Tender for 368 Infrared attachments IRV 900 A2

Wetzlar Germany. 09 March 2020.  Hensoldt won the tender for IRV 900 A2. The Bundeswehr order comprises 368 systems with an option for a further 34 attachments. TheRead more ›

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