• Oberkochen’s second biggest employer, HENSOLDT, is investing in new ISO 6 and ISO 7 class cleanrooms. The optics company has converted previous logistics areas and thus almost doubled its cleanroom space.

Oberkochen, Germany. 09 July 2020 . At its site in Oberkochen, HENSOLDT is investing in new clean rooms for the assembly and integration of high-performance optronic systems. In the future, HENSOLDT will produce devices for civil measurement technology on the new premises. These are used in the production of chips, for example for mobile phones. The new clean rooms will enable the company to significantly increase the number of devices delivered each month.


“We have efficiently converted almost 700m² of existing space, creating new high-quality clean room areas for the assembly and integration of high-performance optronic systems. With the new clean rooms, HENSOLDT is well prepared for the customer requirements of the future,” says Roman Großmann, process engineer at the Oberkochen site.

By linking the new clean rooms to another clean room for high technology, its total area was almost doubled. As part of the conversion measures, tailor-made “room-in-room” solutions were created. This results, among other things, in increased efficiency and optimized processes in production: Walkways are optimized, cleaning rework is no longer necessary and, by maintaining the correct room humidity, bonded areas can cure better. The workplaces were equipped with height-adjustable, ergonomic and cleanroom-compatible tables. The new rooms also have a modern lighting concept with optimal adaptability to the different installation conditions.