• Special conditions for participation in the section

Moscow. 01 April 2021. Aviasalon JSC, the official organizer of the International Aviation and Space Salons, has prepared special conditions for participation in the Small Aviation section within MAKS-2021 for manufacturers and distributors of light and ultralight aircraft, aviation associations and private aircraft owners.

“MAKS Aviation Salon is consistently expanding the exhibition program by forming special expositions. The section dedicated to the so-called” small aircraft “will help to gather in one place the leading manufacturers of aircraft, equipment and systems, service providers, as well as their clients: private pilots, public associations and flying clubs “, – said the deputy general director of Aviasalon JSC Vladimir Sovetkin.

The thematic section dedicated to “small aircraft” was first formed in 2019. Two years ago, 23 companies, public associations and private pilots took part in the specialized exposition. There were 46 aircraft on display at the static display. It is planned to expand the scale of the exposition in 2021. In particular, the possibility of allocating an entire pavilion for representatives of “small aviation” is being considered, as well as increasing the area of ​​the static parking lot C2, where aircraft are demonstrated.

The increase in the scale of the exposition will be facilitated by attractive conditions for participation, offered both to manufacturers and distributors of light and ultralight aircraft, as well as to aviation associations and private aircraft owners. Thus, aircraft manufacturers will have the opportunity to rent an open exhibition space within the boundaries of a static parking lot at a minimum rate; they will be offered a progressive scale of discounts for aircraft placement in a static parking lot. When showing more than 10 aircraft, the discount reaches 50%.

In turn, for specialized non-profit public organizations, partnerships, associations and unions, a reduced registration fee of 30 thousand rubles and special conditions for renting parking spaces for accommodating up to 10 aircraft are offered. Finally, private aircraft owners can place their aircraft in a static parking lot by paying a registration fee of only 4.2 thousand rubles. In this case, the arrival and departure of the participants’ aircraft are included in the cost of accommodation in a static parking lot. “MAKS gives private pilots the opportunity to fly to the exhibition on their own plane, meet colleagues and like-minded people, get acquainted with new products and, if safety requirements are met, even take part in the flight program. – said the head of the service for the organization of the flight and demonstration program of JSC “Aviasalon” Roman Fedorov. “And all this at a price less than the cost of daily parking in the center of Moscow.”