Zhukovsky, Moscow. 26 July 2021. Research and Engineering Company (NIK) that is located in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, presented its test prototype of the light two-seater versatile aircraft Sigma-7 at the International Aviation and Space Salon, MAKS 2021.

On October 7, 2020, the first flight of the Sigma-7 aircraft took place. Before the flight, a complex of ground tests was carried out in the TsAGI Technopark – strength tests of the wing, empennage, landing gear . The flight was performed by a test pilot of the II class of the LII named after Gromova Plaksin Denis Vladimirovich. The flight lasted 15 minutes and was carried out according to the certification test program approved by the Federal Air Transport Agency.

The light two-seater aircraft “Sigma-7” is designed in accordance with the European requirements for light sports aircraft. The peculiarity of the aircraft is the “helicopter” view from the cockpit and the compact folding of the wing on the sides of the fuselage.

 Transportation of an aircraft on a trailer, towing behind a vehicle on a tow bar, independent movement on the propeller’s thrust allow the aircraft to be based at home, and powerful wing mechanization provides the possibility of off-airfield operation of the aircraft from small areas. The aircraft can be equipped with ski or amphibious float landing gear.

Characteristics of the Sigma – 7
Length5.99 m
Wingspan8.49 m
Height2.26 m
Wing area9.07 m²
– an empty plane350 Kg
– maximum takeoff600 Kg
– payload250 Kg
– cruising220 km / h
– minimum64 km / h
– maximum250 km / h
EngineRotax 912ULS
Maximum flight range1100 km