Moscow. 02 July 2021. The group of companies “Finval” will present at the fifteenth International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021 a thematic exposition “Industry 4.0 in mechanical engineering”, dedicated to advanced production technologies and tools. The exposition will be housed in a 2F6 chalet.

“We will present at MAKS samples of equipment and tools that are capable of making an industrial revolution. Our demonstration zone will help visitors see the elements of production of the future, and experts will tell you what solutions can be used to automate production tasks in the shortest possible time, optimize technological processes and increase the efficiency of an enterprise. “, – said Ruslan Kovalenko, director of the digital transformation department of Finval-Engineering.

Among the samples that will be presented in the demo area are a collaborative robot and mobile robots that help automate a number of production and logistics operations without time-consuming and expensive infrastructure preparation. The precision 3D wax-up printer enables high-performance production of high-precision casting models. In turn, an industrial-grade stereolithographic 3D printer with maximum productivity, thanks to a working chamber of 16 liters, makes it possible to produce large-sized parts or many small parts, and speed up their post-processing.

The interactive showcase focuses on Sandvik cutting tools and the CoroPlus digital platform for optimizing cutting operations and wireless measurement tools. Also, the digital platform allows you to create and import 3D models of the tool into CAM systems, create control programs for modern machine tools with numerical control.

Another interactive showcase includes instrumentation complete with wireless transmitters. The use of a modern approach allows you to halve the duration of control operations and helps to avoid errors.

In addition to viewing the exposition, visitors will be able to get advice on the development and implementation of measures to improve the efficiency of technologies and business processes, on digital transformation and design of the digital environment of enterprises, and the implementation of complex IT projects.

The Finval group of companies cooperates with Russian enterprises in the field of increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of production. The company implements projects aimed at improving the efficiency of existing production facilities in the aviation industry in the field of helicopter construction, engine construction, avionics, aircraft units, systems and materials.