Moscow. 08 February 2021. Aviasalon JSC, an official host of the International Aviation and Space Salons, has concluded the Agency Agreement with Croatian ELEVON Tehnologije Ltd. aimed at attraction of the Balkan countries to participate in the MAKS-2021.

 The Agreement was signed by Alexander Levin, Director General of Aviasalon JSC, and Danijel Vukovic, Director of ELEVON Tehnologije.

Aviasalon JSC heavily develops both the direct contacts with potential participants and the agency sales. “International travel restrictions imposed by many countries have made significant adjustments in the nature of communication with our partners. But the Agency Agreements let us develop an effective interaction with manufacturers in a number of regions”, Vitaly Stupitsky, Head of Aviasalon’s Exhibition Program Organization Service, said. “There is no doubt that the MAKS-2021 will host a great number of participants from all over the world.”As previously reported, in 2020, Aviasalon JSC concluded the Agency Agreements with specialized companies in Italy and Germany. In Italy, the presentations were held to demonstrate the prospects of cooperation between Russia and Italy in the aerospace industry and the possibilities of the salon’s site in the city of Zhukovsky as a point of entry to the promising market. The first international participants of the MAKS-2021 have yet been attracted through the support of our partners.