Dear Friends,

56 hours and the operation at Pathankot is still continuing, since the morning of 2 January 2016 at around 0330 IST. The operation leaves seven Indian soldiers martyred and  a scythed Indian psyche, whenever India puts its hands of friendship forward warmly, Pakistan stabs in the back. All arguments that Nawaz Sharif  wants friendship but  Pakistan Army one upmanship are baseless. If the PM cannot rule the forces of non-peace environment in his country with an iron fist, then he should cease to call himself the harbinger of peace in the region. Where does this leave Indian PM Narendra Modi’s step towards peace in the region just ten days back , which the world was calling a trump card move? Does it mean that the talks between the two neighbours will always be useless at any level, all goodwill always at stake if the Pakistan Army keeps calling the shots and the two nations remain in the try and try till never succeed mode forever.

India needs to hit back very strongly and the world needs to look up with condemnable disdain at the breach of trust by Pakistan-the onus for which they have to take-whether the system is a part of this or not. Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press release to condemn the attack. “Pakistan extends heartfelt condolences to the government and people of India and the bereaved families and wishes the wounded speedy and full recovery,” FO spokesman Qazi Khalilullah said. “Building on the goodwill created during the recent high level contacts between the two countries, Pakistan remains committed to partner with India as well as other countries in the region to completely eradicate the menace of terrorism afflicting our region. We extend heartfelt condolences to the government and people of India and the bereaved families and wish the wounded speedy and full recovery.” the statement further said. Is this lip service sufficient?

A little peep into our own leadership which very positively wants to create an environment of friendship in the region, but seems helpless in such situations. Indian Prime Minister  Narendra Modi has strongly condemned the terror attack in Pathankot and has said that enemies of humanity who cannot see the nation succeed, had attempted to cause harm to the Indian Armed Forces. He saluted the Armed Forces for successfully defeating the designs of the terrorists, and paid homage to the jawans who were martyred during the operation. Well is so much the only reaction one should expect from the PM of a country betrayed? We can be a little more stronger when it comes condemning an act of stabbing in the back.

And lets now see the response of the so called dear friend USA. White House’s official website  still finds Ebola a bigger threat and as of now no mention of the terrorists attacks. Is it a case of not even a lip service? And just as if by cue the internet finds the following statement. “The United States strongly condemns the terrorist attack on an air force base in the Indian state of Punjab on 2 January. We extend our condolences to the victims and their families,” US Spokesperson, Bureau of Public Affairs John Kirby said in a statement. Not even big or important enough to merit a statement from the right channels. Doesn’t it leave people behind the attack based in Pakistan smiling  gleefully. The world and the powers that be need to not only stand together, condemn strongly but should pledge to take an action against these de-stabalisers of peace, which they would always remember. After all we know the reaction which comes if the target has ever been an American citizen.

But ofcourse these are expectations from outsiders. What matters most is the will of our country and the signal we send to the enemy that we will not take it lying down. For once we Indians have to be united in this stand. beyond party lines, beyond ideologies and beyond internal rivalries the nation needs to stand as one. We in the media stand to fight this as being one with the security forces and intelligence agencies. Can we better the systems that be by making information the game changer so that the terrorist forces fail to penetrate the barrier? Can we be ahead of them at creating an awareness which seems to come a little to late? We as law abiding citizens have a role to play to leave the country better for generations to come. Can we just wield the pen to make India safer? lets ponder.

You can’t sleep without ambien zolpidem away your problems. Solve them while you are still awake. This is our New Year Resolution Just For Us. 2016 is here. Let us celebrate progressive change.The wheel of change keeps moving and every turn brings us closer to new opportunities, fresh beginnings and unexplored possibilities. At ADU, we believe in evolving with the changing times to bring the best news in the aviation and defence world for you. Hope we live up to your expectations.

Sangeeta Saxena

4th January, 2016