Goa (India) March 30, 2016: OIS Advanced Technology (OIS-AT) and SAMP of France have entered into a Joint Venture agreement where OIS-AT and SAMP have agreed to manufacture proven, advanced Penetrator Bombs in India, and to conduct research and development for India’s customized requirements. This will utilize advanced technology from SAMP, which is a proven supplier in this field.

“We are pleased that SAMP has agreed to support establishing a joint venture with OIS-AT to manufacturing, and research and develop a portfolio of advanced penetrator bombs in India. We believe that these also directly support and advance the Government of India’s Make In India program”, said Sanjay Bhandari, Chairman and Managing Director of OIS Advanced Technology.

“We are pleased with our Joint Venture relationship with OIS-AT to establish an advanced penetrator bomb manufacturing facility, and to establish a research and development facility for customized local requirements. We will provide the necessary technology transfer to OIS-AT and the Joint Venture to develop and manufacture a range of penetrator bombs for Indian requirements to serve the requirements of the Indian military”, said Christian Martin CEO of SAMP (France).

Penetrator bombs are specialized weapons use with precision by Air Forces to be able to penetrate hardened enclosures. When coupled with a precision guidance kit, and advanced weapon release technologies, it becomes an effective, and relatively low cost precision weapon for an Air Force to complete missions by limiting collateral damage. In addition, this agreement with SAMP will also lead to the transfer of technology and the manufacturing in