Abu Dhabi, 15 February 2019 – Nexter, a KNDS group company, the European land defense systems leader, will be a key participant at the IDEX trade show from February 17 – 21 2019 in Abu Dhabi. During this world-class international defense and security exhibition, Nexter, a partner of the French and Emirati Armies, will showcase its know-how in the field of land combat systems, artillery, weapons and robotics systems, as well as ammunition.

Illustrating Nexter Group’s expertise in armoured vehicles, a LECLERC MBT of the Emirates Army will be present at the stand, equipped with a modernization kit and a micro-UAV. Artillery systems will also be featured with a virtual demonstration of the CAESAR®8×8 self-propelled howitzer and the presence of models of the 105LG1 towed howitzer and a CAESAR®. These systems are used by many armies and are particularly appreciated for their robustness and accuracy. Complementing this offer, the TITUS® armored vehicle in its mission orchestration version will be on exhibit, featuring a remote control system: perfectly suited to interventions in the most difficult environments, this armored vehicle with extreme mobility can be controlled remotely by its crew.

Nexter Group is a key vendor for the SCORPION Program and the main supplier of combat systems to the French Army. A center will be dedicated to this iconic French programme, and will also be the future backbone of the Belgian land component. The GRIFFON multi-role armored vehicle, the JAGUAR armored reconnaissance and combat vehicle, the SERVAL 4×4 light multi-role armored vehicle and the upgraded LECLERC MBT (XLR) will be on display.

Nexter will also demonstrate its know-how in the equipment. As an architect of robotic systems, Nexter will exhibit a NERVA® multi-mission mini-robot and an OPTIO®-X20 robot armed with a 20mm cannon. As regards digital systems, demonstrations of the FINDMP® touch-table decision support system and the FINDEAGLE® system will be given throughout the exhibition. VIPER® perimeter vision solutions, as well as the Virtual Maintenance Trainer system for CAESAR®, LECLERC MBT and TITUS® vehicles will round out the range of combatant support systems on exhibit. In addition, the Nexter stand will feature the unmanned T40 turret and the CT40 AHS cannon. These weapons can be mounted on several types of armored vehicle and allow for accurate firing with a wide range of effects.

As the third largest ammunition supplier in Europe with one of the most comprehensive product catalogues, Nexter Group will present a selection of its extensive product line ranging from 20 to 155mm. In particular, the artillery shell of the future 155mm KATANA® will be on display, along with tank and infantry ammunition from 90 to 120mm and naval ammunition up to 127mm caliber.