Le Bourget. 23 October 2018. Nexter, an architect and land defense system integrator, providing 100% of the combat vehicles of the French Army, is also a weapons system and ammunition manufacturers of the Air Forces and Navies. All the group’s know-how and high technologies, especially concentrated in the future vehicle of the SCORPION program – EBRC-JAGUAR, VBMRGRIFFON and Lightweight VBMR-SERVAL – are available throughout the Nexter range deployed on combat aircraft Rafale, Tiger combat helicopter, or aboard the Charles De Gaulle aircraft carrier, the Multi-purpose frigate (FREMM) and the Mistral class amphibious assault ship, always at the service of the fighter.

Nexter will showcase its mid-caliber naval weapon systems such as NARWHAL® 20A and for the first time the RapidFire® T40 anti-aircraft turret. NARWHAL® performs very short-range self-defense missions against drones and light craft. Equipped with the 20M621 gun, it is particularly suitable for surveillance and maritime police operations. This weapon system is adopted by the French Navy and many foreign navies.

The RapidFire® anti-aircraft system 40, designed in partnership between Nexter and Thales, performs shortrange self-defense missions. Thanks to the accuracy and efficiency of the CTAI (Joint Venture Nexter and BAE) 40 mm gun and ammunition, the RapidFire® T40AA system is capable of intercepting helicopters, drones or light craft up to a distance of 4000 m. This performance is achieved through a viewfinder with electro-optical day / night cameras and a moving target tracking function.

In addition, Nexter group will present its entire range adapted to naval equipment. Ranging from 20 to 30 mm calibre to 127 mm ammunition as well as the 40 mm telescoped, these shells are optimized for anti-ship and air defense, including anti-ship missiles.

Finally, in a context where chemical protection is once again a major concern for all theatres of operation, Nexter will offer its Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC) protection solutions, which has already proven itself on board the FREMMs.