New Delhi. 26 April, 2016. Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is mandated towards design and development of strategic, complex and security sensitive systems for the Defence Forces. Over the past three years, DRDO has developed a number of products/systems which have either been inducted in the Defence Forces or in the process of trials/production/induction. Some of them are given below.

o   81 mm Anti Thermal Anti Laser Smoke Grenade

o   Active Antenna Array Unit

o   Air Defence Fire Control Radar

o   Airborne Early Warning & Control System

o   Akash Weapon Systems

o   Anti G Suit Mk-III

o   Aslesha Radar

o   Auto injector Atropine Sulphate

o   Bi Modular Charge System

o   Bomb 120 mm ILLG

o   Bomb 120 mm Mortar HE

o   Bomb 81 mm Mortar HE

o   Bomb 81 mm Mortar PWP

o   Bomb Mortar 51 mm HE Mk-II

o   Bomb Mortar 51 mm ILLG

o   Bomb Mortar 51 mm Smoke

o   Bomb Mortar 81 mm ILLG

o   Bridge Layer Tank T-72 (BLT-72)

o   Cartridge ERU for aircraft with Package

o   Cartridge Primary for 120 mm Mortar

o   Cartridge SA 5.56 mm Ball

o   Cartridge Signal 16 mm 1A

o   Cartridges 105 mm IFG NC

o   Cartridges 22” RF Ball

o   CBRNe Remotely Operated Vehicle

o   Chemical Agent Monitor

o   Coastal Surveillance Radar

o   Commander’s Thermal Imager for  T-90

o   Commander’s Thermal Imager for BMP Tanks

o   Commander’s Thermal Imager Mk-II for T-72

o   Communication Link Controller

o   Digital Radar Warning Receiver

o   Display Processor

o   E1 Link Encryptor

o   Electronic Support Measure (ESM), Varuna

o   EW Programme  – Samudrika

o   Explosive Detection Kit

o   Explosive Reactive Armour Mk-II

o   Fuze 213 Mk-V M2

o   Heavy Drop System

o   Helmet Mounted Thermal Imaging Camera

o   Holographic Sights for Small Weapons

o   Identification of Friend and Foe System

o   Integrated Multi-function Sight

o   Laser based Directed Energy System

o   Mine AP M16 and AP NM-14

o   Mission Computer

o   Mobile Autonomous Robotic System

o   Mountain Foot Bridge

o   NBC Canister

o   NBC Filter

o   Optical Target Locator

o   Personal Decontamination Kit

o   Phase Control Module

o   Pinaka Launcher Mk -II

o   Radar Computer I & II

o   Radar Warning Receiver

o   Resin based Combustible Cartridge Case for 120 mm FSAPDS Mk-II Ammunition

o   Revathi Radar

o   Rotating Telemetry System

o   Secure Adapter for Frame Relay Encryptor

o   Secure Multi Interface Link Encryptor

o   Shell 105 mm IFG BE Smoke

o   Shell 105 mm ILG Mk-I

o   Short Range Laser Dazzler

o   Three Colour Detector

o   Through Wall Imaging Radar

o   Weapon Locating Radar (WLR)

o   Wheeled Armoured Platform

o   X-Band Microwave Power Module


DRDO has designed and developed a large number of products/systems for Defence Forces. Many of the products, originally developed for Defence Forces, can also be used by CAPF’s and State Police Forces in addition to other agencies, like NDRF. DRDO has organised visits of CAPF’s to various laboratories/establishments to show case DRDO’s products and capabilities. MHA has shortlisted about 146 items for trials, out of which trials of 78 products have already been completed. Large number of products which can provide protection, day/night situational awareness and support/mobility have been identified for induction in to Services (MHA) after trials.

This information was given by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar in the Parliament today.