New Delhi. 03 Feb 2016.  Nepalese   Army   Chief   General   Rajendra   Chhetri  was   conferred  the Honorary rank of General of the Indian Army by  President Pranab Mukherjee during a investiture ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan today. It is a unique custom and tradition between the Indian and NepaleseArmy to confer this honour on each others Army Chief to signify close and special military to military ties.
Indian Army Chief General Dalbir Singh was conferred the rank of General of the Nepalese Army in Nov 2014 when hevisited the Himalayan nation. The visit  of   Nepalese  Army Chief  assumes   added   significance  as India is the  first port of call  after General Chhetri took over as Chief of Nepalese   Army   in   September   2015.   During   the   visit   to   India,   General Chhetri   will   also   have   meetings   with   Indian   top   political   and   military leadership   to   further   cement   the   bonds   of   friendship   between   the   two countries.
The General shall also be visiting the Infantry School & Army War College at Mhow and the Artillery School at Deolali wherein he shall be witnessing the training & facilities at Indian Army premier training institutes. During   his   visit   to   Lucknow,   the   General   shall   be   interacting   with   topmilitary hierarchy of Headquarters Central Command and shall also visit the   Gorkha   Rifles   Regimental   Centre.   General   Chhetri   shall   depart   for Nepal on 06 February 2016