Singapore. 14 May 2019. On May 15th, at 11.30 am, Naval Group Senior Vice President, Alain Guillou, will be holding a press conference on booth #K05 at IMDEX 2019. During this press event, Alain Guillou will disclose the initial selection of Singaporean SMEs who participated to this initiative launched by Naval Group, Start We Up.

Start We Up, highlighting the rich Singaporean ecosystem Naval Group is organizing the event Start We Up, which brings together local start-ups, SME’s and Naval Group technical and commercial experts in order to foster open innovation. This innovation challenge held in Singapore will give visibility to regional startups with deep technology expertise. Selected startups will receive the opportunity to enter a paid Proof-of-Concept negotiation with Naval Group in order to support their innovative initiatives. At IMDEX 2019, Naval Group Senior Vice President will disclose the initial selection of Singaporean companies identified for Start We Up.
Expanding Naval Group’s R&D activities in Singapore
Naval Group is committed to the development of R&D activities in the region. Following the Start We Up project, a R&D hub, which will be launched next October, will be dedicated to research the latest innovative
trends which are relevant to the defence sector. This international collaborative platform of exchanges located Singapore, will respond to a triple objective: boost innovation in new strategic domains such as Big
Data and Artificial Intelligence, create a supply of innovative technologies for the regional market in Singapore and Asia as well as supporting the joint effort led by both Singapore and France regarding R&D