New Delhi.  25 May 2016 . A fourteen member Indian Navy team including 03 women Officers have successfully completed an expedition to Mt Jogin group in the Gangotri region of Uttarakhand from 03 -24 May 16. The expedition was organised through the Indian Mountaineering Foundation. A team of six members successfully unfurled the National Flag and Naval Ensign atop Mt Jogin III (6116 M) on 17 May 16 whilst five members successfully summated Mt Jogin I (6465 M) on 19 May 16. The expedition was undertaken in three distinct phases. The transit phase involved the road transit from 03 – 07 May 16 from Delhi to Gangotri via Uttarkashi. The trekking/ acclimatization phase from 08 -11 May 16 comprised movement from Gangotri to the base camp at Kedar Tal by trek with halts enroute at Bhoj Khadak and Kedar Khadak. Under the ascent phase, the climb to the summit commenced on 12 May 16. Three camps were set up progressively at increasing altitude enroute to the summit before summiting both the peaks by 19 May 16. The success of the team led by Cdr DN Chaitanya has superseded the failed  attempts made on the same peaks in 2012 and has started the Naval Mountaineering calendar 2016 on a positive note, which is a prelude to the Mt Everest expedition scheduled to be undertaken by the Indian Navy in 2017.