Hyderabad.17 March 2016. Himalayan Heli Services has ordered an additional H125 light helicopter from Airbus Helicopters, to add to their existing fleet of four H125s. The delivery is scheduled to be in September 2016.

The additional helicopter acquisition will strengthen the position of Himalayan Heli Services in India and the Himalayas. “The H125 is ideal for operations at high altitudes as well as in hot conditions, especially in the Aerial Work segment. We can’t wait to get another one of this amazing machine to expand our heli-pilgrimage and aerial work services. Specially configured to our specific needs, this additional H125 will help us to achieve our expansion plans in a sustainable manner,” said Wangchuk Shamshu, Director at Himalayan Heli Services.

“Himalayan Heli Services and Airbus Helicopters have formed a long-standing partnership. We stay committed to ensure full support and services to Himalayan, which in turn provides affordable heli-services in the Himalayan region of India. We are pleased that Himalayan continues to put their faith and trust in our platform,” said Xavier Hay, President, Airbus Helicopters Division at Airbus Group India.

The H125 (previously known as AS350 B3e) is a proven machine, having demonstrated its capabilities in a variety of missions around the world. Himalayan’s operating environment is characterized by its high altitude, hot temperature and strong winds. The H125 is the market reference for these types of operations. Currently, there are more than 20 H125s operating in India.

The H125’s optimized new cabin features a flat floor that can be quickly and easily reconfigured for various mission types, including aerial work, firefighting, law enforcement, search and rescue, and passenger transport.

The H125 is a member of Airbus Helicopters’ renowned and proven Ecureuil family. More than 5,000 single-engine Ecureuils have been delivered in over 100 countries to approximately 1,600 operators. Together, these rotorcraft have accumulated more than 23 million flight hours. Currently, about 500 H125s (AS350 B3e) are in operations worldwide and are used mainly for high performance missions in high-and-hot conditions.