Singapore, 4 February, 2018 – Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: ESLT and TASE: ESLT) (“Elbit Systems” or “the Company”) will be presenting a wide array of advanced and tested solutions at the Singapore Airshow. The Company’s line-up at the show underscores the strategic importance of the Asian-Pacific region to the Company. The following systems will be showcased:

Airborne Self-Protection and Payloads

MUSIC™ airborne self-protection systems that provide high-performance operationally proven Direct Infrared Counter Measure (DIRCM) protection for all types of rotary and fixed-wing aircraft against MANPADS.

J- MUSIC™ is designed for distributed installation on a variety of aircraft types, in a single or multi-turret configuration. Its open architecture allows integration with various Missile Warning Systems (MWS) enabling it to provide a comprehensive level of protection in the civil and military market.

C- MUSIC™ is a Civil Aviation Authority certified, laser-based, fully automatic and autonomous DIRCM system that provides large jet aircraft with comprehensive protection against advanced heat-seeking ground-to-air missiles, C-MUSIC is currently in use on VIP, Heads of State and commercial aircraft.

DIRCM systems Mini-MUSIC™ is a well-tested DIRCM system in a compact and lightweight package that protects small and medium rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Mini-MUSIC can also be integrated with various Missile Warning Systems (MWS) for reliable and affordable protection.

All-in-Small(a multimedia presentation)is an extremely small and lightweight integrated airborne EW Self-Protection suite, in a single line replaceable unit. All-in-Small can be effectively integrated with DIRCM systems due to its high range detection and Direction Finding accuracy and enables quick and efficient jamming.

SPECTRO™XR payload is an ultra-long-range, day/night, multi-spectral electro-optical ISTAR system, that provides 20” payload performance in a 15” payload. SPECTRO XR combines multiple cameras into one, allowing it to significantly improve performance without increasing size and weight. The system can be installed on a variety of platforms including rotary and fixed-wing airborne platforms, aerostats, naval vessels and land applications.

Light SPEAR(a multimedia presentation)is a unique Electronic Attack (EA) and self-protection system for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Light SPEAR is a compact, extremely lightweight self-protection jamming system for UAS. It improves UAS survivability and meets the growing need to operate and collect accurate intelligence in highly hostile environments. The system allows easy integration with an array of transmitters and platforms, and its low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) consumption makes it an ideal EW system for multiple operational platforms.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Skylark 3 is a tactical mini-UAS optimized for either dismounted or vehicle-based operation, delivering organic airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance capabilities to the division, brigade and battalion levels (100km Line Of Sight) enabling force, convoy and strategic infrastructure protection. Skylark 3 enables performance of ongoing covert operations, providing real-time intelligence day and night. 

ReDrone(a multimedia presentation) is an anti-drone protection system designed to detect, identify, track and neutralize different types of drones at a designated airspace. The system is capable of pinpointing both the drone and its operator’s directions. The detection system provides 360-degree perimeter protection and complete, up-to-the-minute situational awareness and can deal with several drones simultaneously. After detecting a target, the ReDrone system disrupts the drone’s communication, blocks its radio and video signals and GPS positioning data, and sends it off track, preventing it from carrying out an attack. 

Helmet Mounted Display

Brightnite™ Visitors to the company’s booth will be able to experience a virtual reality demonstration of the BrightNite system that enables intuitive head-up, eyes-out orientation flight in extreme low visibility conditions. This system is a multi-spectral end to end panoramic piloting solution that fuses multiple day and night cameras into one clear intuitive piloting picture regardless of outer light conditions and delivers the landscape scenery directly to both eyes of the pilot, including flight, mission and brown out zymology. 

Targo® and EVATMpackage a fully embedded training experience can be achieved using the Targo Helmet Mounted Avionics (HMA) combined with that enables pilots to plan, rehearse, fly and debrief using their personal helmets. Easily integrated into any aircraft avionics, Targo provides all the benefits of prior helmet mounted display systems, including helmet visor projected imagery and symbology, precision head tracking and cueing. EVA(Embedded Virtual Avionics)transforms the aircraft into a virtual advanced fighter while maintaining the hourly training costs of a trainer. The Targo and EVA package is specifically designed to minimize the training gap between trainer and modern fighter aircraft.

Software Defined Radio (SDR)Radio & Communication Systems:

A complete package of Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems that enables robust communication across units and echelons, comprising of E-LynX™ family of multi-waveform tactical IP radios including MCTR-7200, PNR-1000 lightweight personal network radio. The E-LynX solution is powered by the HF-8000 multi-adaptive HF radio systems for continuous long-range communications, andGRX-8000 ECCM high capacity frequency-hopping radio relay system.

Search and Rescue Systems (SAR):

PRC-648 PLB Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is an advanced Over-the-Horizon (OTH) Cospas-Sarsat(C/S) locator, for non-combat search and rescue (SAR) missions. Carried in the pilot’s emergency vest, the PRC-648 provides ultra-reliable performance in severe environments. An internal G-Switch automatically activates the beacon upon bailout, while a lanyard-actuated switch provides for additional activation options. 

PRC-434G/CS “All-In-One” Personal Survival Radio (PSR) is lightweight, handheld GPS embedded PRC-434G/CS transceiver capable of responding to interrogations transmitted by the ARS-7000 Airborne Locator System. 

Personnel Recovery Device (PRD) is an Alert and Notification device for use by ground forces and issued to soldiers at risk of becoming isolated, missing, or captured. When used domestically and in training, the device acts like a standard (C/S) Class-II PLB, transmitting on an assigned C/S channel. For operation in secure OTH mode using customer’s asset waveforms, or Point-to-Point between the user and the recovery aircraft, the PRD transmits a digital distress message carrying the soldier’s GPS location, encoded to protect data from adversarial or casual interception.

Remote Controlled Weapons Station (RCWS)Weapon Station:

12.7 Remote Controlled Weapons Station (RCWS) that uses dual-axis stabilization and provides a high first round hit probability while on the move and engagement of both static and moving targets. Geared with both a day camera, a thermal night vision system, a laser range-finder and a search light assures high accuracy in all weather conditions and 24-hours a day operation. The electro-optics sensor package ensures target detection (“See First”) at beyond the maximum effective range of enemy weapons and enables quick response to changing battle conditions. The RCWS is fully overhead, eliminating deck penetration and Gunner/Commander work stations are small in volume to save space in the crew compartment. The RCWS is light weight and offer additional functions such as Automatic Target Tracking and manual backup operation in case of power loss, optical pod super elevation and traverse drives for ballistic compensation at the outer ranges of the weapons.