Abu Dhabi. 22 February 2017. ECA Group was awarded new contract by same customer in Middle East for the supply of Military Vehicle Simulator (MVS) driving simulators for 3 additional schools. The amount of the contract is significant for the group.

The customer is very satisfied with the quality and efficiency of training carried out on the first three schools delivered by ECA Group. As a consequence, this customer decided to award ECA Group with this new contract.

Each of them is equipped with 5 MVS simulators and one instructor station. All of them are connected on the same simulation training system to ensure the training of the military vehicle crews for individual as well as collective driving.

On MVS simulators, instructors and trainees can run training cursus adapted for each of the following levels: Initial driving, advanced driving and collective driving, Thanks to these very performant and wide cursus, the crews trained with MVS can carry out their operational mission with better confidence, safety and efficiency.