Saint-Cloud, France, April 24, 2018– Dassault Aviation is taking part in the ILA (Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace) Berlin Air Show, in Germany, from 25 to 29 April. This year’s event, at which France is guest of honor, contributes to the dynamic cooperation process wished for by the two nation’s leaders, and Dassault Aviation fully supports this ambition.

Three Dassault aircraft will be presented at the ILA static exhibition:

  • two Rafales of the French Air Force, and
  • a Falcon 2000LXS twin-jet aircraft.

Designed and manufactured by Dassault Aviation, the Rafale combat aircraft is capable of performing all types of mission, both for air and naval air forces.

The Falcon business aircraft are also designed and manufactured by Dassault Aviation and are recognized for their handling characteristics, operational flexibility, low consumption and innovative features.

Dassault Aviation’s space in the French aerospace industries association GIFAS pavilion will present smaller models of other aircraft including the nEUROn, a stealth UCAV program led by Dassault Aviation and conducted as part of a European cooperation to prepare the air combat systems of the future.

The dual nature of Dassault Aviation gives the Group comprehensive knowledge of both defense and economic issues: Dassault Aviation produces its military and business aircraft out of the same design office and the same production units. The high technologies developed for defense activities therefore benefit its civil operations which in return develop highly competitive industrial processes.

Playing a pivotal role in a strategic industrial fabric comprising hundreds of firms in France and internationally, Dassault Aviation is also the reference industrial shareholder of Thales Group.