Moscow. 31 May 2021. On May 31, 1991, on the initiative of 58 organizations, the International Association “Union of Aviation Engine Building” (ASSAD) was registered, uniting developers and manufacturers of engines for aviation, astronautics, shipbuilding and power engineering. Today, 100 enterprises and organizations from nine countries are members of ASSAD. Most of these companies are traditional participants in MAKS salons.

Aircraft engine building is one of the most high-tech branches of mechanical engineering. The scientific, technical, technological and organizational problems solved by engine builders are often unparalleled in other industrial sectors. Leadership in this industry cannot be achieved by acting alone. That is why in 1991, against the background of the rapid collapse of cooperative chains, the Association was created. For all three decades, ASSAD has been headed by an outstanding organizer of the aviation industry, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Viktor Mikhailovich Chuiko.

Without exaggeration, we can say that it was the work of ASSAD, associated with the preservation and development of the scientific and technical potential of aviation engine building, the coordination of joint programs, interaction with government bodies, that became a lifeline that allowed engine engineers to go through the most difficult years with minimal losses, and at the turn of the century – go to intensive development.

The organization and holding of scientific and technical congresses in the field of engine building is another important area of ​​the ASSAD’s activity. The contribution of the association to the maintenance of intra-industry communications and exchange of experience cannot be overestimated. Members of ASSAD also actively participate in the International Aviation and Space Salons. MAKS-2021 should be the brightest event of the past decades for domestic engine builders. Indeed, this year the widest premiere display of the United Engine Corporation’s products is expected: among the new products is the PD-14 engine as part of the power plant of the MC-21-310 medium-range aircraft, the TV7-117ST-01 turboprop engine under the wing of the regional Il-114-300. Guests of MAKS will be able to get acquainted with the projects of creating a family of high-thrust engines PD-35, a family of engines PD-8, engines for helicopters VK-1600V and VK-650V, as well as engines for combat aircraft, industrial and marine installations. Much attention in the exposition will be paid to the creation of materials, units and systems for aircraft engines. Aviation engine building will be one of the topics of the salon’s business program, including the Fourth Eurasian Aerospace Congress.

On this memorable day, we wish the staff of the ASSAD Directorate success in consolidating the engine professionals, and all the members of the Association – the dynamic development of this most important sub-sector of the aviation industry.