Ho Chi Minh City. 21 June 2017. Vietjet signed the SFCO2 for fuel efficiency solution with Safran . The SFCO2 service contract spans five years, starting in 2017, and covers the entire fleet of the Ho Chi Minh City-based airline. It will help Vietjet improve its operational efficiency by reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The agreement provides for operational recommendations, along with a special SFCO2 web application that enables the airline to track its progress and potential savings.

The SFCO2 solution combines the expertise of Safran Aircraft Engines, one of the world’s leading aero-engine manufacturers, with the long-standing experience of Safran Electronics and Defense in flight data analysis.

“As an important element of Vietjet fuel efficiency program, Safran’s SFCO2® service will enable us to meet our fuel consumption efficiency objectives, so that we can combine economic and environmental friendly performance,” said Dinh Viet Phuong, Vietjet Vice President.

“We are proud of winning this contract to support Vietjet’s day-to-day performance and dynamic growth over the next five years. Our selection by Vietjet confirms the effectiveness of our SFCO2® service and provides further recognition of our global expertise in fuel efficiency solutions,” said François Planaud, Safran Vice President of Services & MRO

Applying advanced technology and environment friendly solution in daily operation is one of the top priorities of Vietjet. By analyzing both operational and maintenance aspects, Safran’s SFCO2® service develops procedures and recommendations to address airlines’ need for greater fuel efficiency which can reduce Vietjet fuel consumption up to 5%. Accordingly, the fuel expense saved yearly is expected to tens of millions of US dollars.