Hood River, Or. 14 September 2023. Sierra-Olympia Technologies, an innovator in thermal imaging solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of our highly anticipated product, the Ventus HD6-2.4 and Ventus HD6-0.6. Two complete camera systems to leverage their HD (1280×960) focal plane with a proprietary long-life cooler for higher acuity and FOV with lower total cost of ownership.

The Ventus HD6-2.4, a compact yet powerful HD MWIR camera designed for Low-SWaP applications. With a small footprint that enables easy integration into imaging gimbals, dismount units, sighting systems, and more, it provides 10X long range optical zoom in an impressive 1280 x 960 array format.

The Ventus HD6-0.6 is a powerful HD MWIR camera designed for the long-range precision and a long life reliability. With a 14X optical zoom on a 1280 x 960 array format, this camera can detect, recognize and identify at extremely long distances.

  •  27k hour long-life camera core, Hexablu® by Leonardo DRS
  •  Long Range Optical zoom in 1280 x 960 array format
  •  6-micron pixel pitch
  •  Scene object tracking, DRI capabilities, KLV meta data and other options available.

Sierra-Olympia Technologies is a leading provider of cutting-edge thermal imaging solutions. Committed to innovation and excellence, Sierra-Olympia Technologies develops advanced thermal cameras that empower professionals across various industries to overcome challenges, increase efficiency, and enhance safety. With a focus on exceptional quality and customer satisfaction, Sierra-Olympia Technologies is dedicated to driving advancements in thermal imaging technology.