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Is the power centre changing in North Korea?

Kim  Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong taking Pyongyang’s decisions By Sangeeta Saxena New Delhi. 12 July 2020. It seems powers that  be in Pyongyang…

North Korea vs USA, South Korea and Japan: Is the world in a ‘Catch 22’ situation?

By Suresh Somu                                                                                              Jakarta. 08 September 2019. The North Korea-USA talks appear to be like a fire-cracker with a loud of noise. Despite North Korea…

North & South Koreas on a reconnecting drive

Estranged neighbours’  turning friends By Suresh Somu Bangkok. 01 January 2019. There are a lot more smiles among the two Koreas. Just a day after…

Japan: Land of the Rising ‘defence’ Sun

By Suresh Somu Bangkok. 20 December 2018. Japan is on a huge spending spree in beefing up its aerial warfare capabilities, a much-calibrated approach by…

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Team ADU is all set to cover DSEi 2023 at London. Shall get it live from 11th to 16th September.

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