BATH, England. 29 October 2019. SRT Marine Systems, a global leader in advanced integrated maritime surveillance, intelligence and command & control systems is exhibiting at BIDEC 2019. 


The SRT-MDA system integrates an array of advanced technologies to deliver enhanced detection and identification of maritime threats and illegal activities coupled with integrated command and control functionality which enables effective, efficient and co-ordinated responses.

The SRT-MDA system supports all Coast Guard operations, from border security, prevention of smuggling, prevention of terrorism, detection of illegal fishing and other illegal activities and search and rescue. One system with fully integrated functionality and complete in-country autonomous control.

The SRT-MDA system uses advanced sensor data fusion and Ai analytics to continuously scan all system data in real time to ensure automated detection and evaluation of any potential threat or suspicious activities and provide the coast guard operator with an immediate alert and all information to make an informed and thus effective response decision and action.

The SRT-MDA system uses an innovative flexible and dynamic distributed data architecture that enables systems to be easily scaled from a single port area to a fully integrated national system providing continuous surveillance over thousands of miles of coast line, territorial waters, EEZ and other areas of interest, all whilst ensuring that all system users work within a single integrated operating environment no matter their physical location.

Founded in 1987, SRT is a proven and reliable long-term partner to customers. Our experienced teams work closely with customers in country to ensure the successful delivery of systems to the highest standards, quickly and cost effectively, along with continuous long-term support. Our flexible and pragmatic approach combines with our extensive experience and expertise to guarantee successful project delivery every time.