New Delhi. 15 August 2016. Squadron Leader Bhavesh Kumar Dubey Administration/Air Traffic Controller is the Commanding Officer of an Indian Air Force Special Forces Unit since 06 May 2013. On 02 Jan 2016, he was leading a Squad of IAF Special Forces for a search operation at Air Force Station, Pathankot. UAV Contact with four suspects was reported to him at about 0245 hrs inside MES Yard. Squadron Leader Bhavesh Kumar Dubey showed keen situational awareness in estimating that the terrorists were in close proximity to the residential area.

He immediately deployed his forces to lay a cordon. While searching the area, his team came under intense hostile fire from the terrorists, in which one of his team members was grievously injured. Maintaining his composure, he effectively marshalled his troops, spreading them out in the area to contain the terrorists within a designated area.

Despite a gunshot wound on the right thigh, he led from the front and along with his buddies, continued to fight with four terrorists at extremely close range. He was able to contain them at the same spot for 25 minutes till arrival of reinforcements, thereby preventing them from entering residential area and creating a possible hostage situation. He was singularly responsible for wrenching the initiative from the terrorists, thwarting their plan and forcing them on the defensive. He evacuated his injured buddy and returned to action immediately. He continued to lead his troops till the conclusion of the operation on 07 Jan 16.

The steadfast leadership and raw courage displayed by the officer was inspirational. His decision to aggressively engage the terrorists at the outset and confine them to a specific area proved to be the game changer in the containing the terrorists to a very limited area.

For this act of exceptional courage, Squadron Leader Bhavesh Kumar Dubey is awarded of Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry).