New Delhi. 15 August 2016. 924787 Corporal Gursevek Singh, Indian Air Force (Security) was deployed as Special Forces operative at an Indian Air Force (IAF) Garud Special Forces Unit since 30 Sep 2013. He was inducted for special operations at Air Force Station Pathankot as part of a Garud team on the evening of 01 Jan 2016. During the special operations, Corporal Gursevek Singh was the track commander of an assault team deployed for a search operation inside Air Force Station, Pathankot.

On 02 January 2016, at 0310h, during search operations, he observed a group of terrorists and moved quickly to intercept them after alerting the whole assault squad. In the process, his team came under intense hostile fire from four terrorists, in which one of his team members was grievously injured. Corporal Gursevek Singh, along with his buddy officer, engaged the terrorists in a fierce exchange of fire. During the course of the assault, he suffered three severe gunshot wounds.

Despite his injuries, he refused evacuation and along with his buddy officer, continued to engage the four terrorists at extremely close range till his last breath. His brave resistance under fire, without regard to his personal safety, resulted in the terrorists being contained at the same spot for more than 25 minutes till the arrival of reinforcements. The terrorists were prevented from entering the technical area of the Air Force Station, thereby ensuring the safety of all aircraft and other strategic assets.

In the face of heavy odds, Cpl Gursevek Singh’s professionalism, exemplary courage and display of esprit de corps stood out as he made the supreme sacrifice for the nation in the face of the enemy. For this act of exceptional gallantry, Corporal Gursevek Singh is awarded of Shaurya Chakra(Posthumous).