New Delhi. 15 August 2016. Squadron Leader Abhishek Singh Tanwar (28211) Flying (Pilot) is on the posted strength of a Sukhoi-30 MKI Squadron since 14 Jul 14 as Sqn Pilot. On 06 Jan 16, Sqn Ldr AS Tanwar was authorised to fly a valley flying sortie as No. 2. During the sortie, the pilot experienced multiple failures in quick succession while in the valley with difficult terrain all around.

At first he experienced oil system failure after approximately 20 mins of flying. He took correct actions and set course towards base for a priority recovery. Subsequently he experienced “Fire on Left Hand(LH) Engine”. The pilot immediately switched off the left engine and operated the fire extinguisher. This was followed by all four channels of the Fly By Wire (FBW) system failing accompanied with vicious oscillation due to autonomous movement of the rudder. This coupled with Fire on LH engine presented the pilot with an emergency of the most critical nature.

Despite experiencing multiple emergencies of dire nature, displaying exceptional courage, Sqn Ldr AS Tanwar calmly assessed the situation and reacted in a controlled manner while remaining with the aircraft. His prompt and correct actions prevented a Category-I accident and saved the valuable aircraft. In having piloted the aircraft under such odds and executed correct emergency actions, Sqn Ldr AS Tanwar displayed courage and presence of mind of a high order.

For this act of exceptional courage, Squadron Leader Abhishek Singh Tanwar is awarded of Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry).