Shaurya Chakra  IC-73334X Major Anil Urs
Major Anil Urs

Major Anil is a Company Commander deployed along the Line of Control in Jammu & Kashmir. On receipt of intelligence of concentration of terrorist across Line of Control for possible attempt of cross LC and act to cause casualties to own troops , Major Anil laid an ambush along the appreciated route of movement.

Displaying good tactical acumen and strong resolve , the officer waited patiently maintaining complete surprise. On spotting the group of terrorists Maj Anil brought down effective fire killing three terrorists . Being in close proximity to the Line of Control his action drew violent and effective fire from parties across the Line of Control. Enduring the risk of loss of life, Major Anil displayed extraordinary leadership, nerves of steel and spirit of service before self where he chose to remain at the location awaiting an opportunity to engage rest of the terrorists.

After life threatening wait of fifteen minutes , the team sighted and accurately brought down fire on two more terrorists leading to neutralisation of two more terrorists

For displaying raw courage , marksmanship and rare combat leadership, while ensuring safety of his team , Major Anil Urs is awarded the “SHAURYA CHAKRA”.