Sangeeta Saxena - Defence and Aviation JournalistDear Friends,

For years I felt I wanted to do it but kept waiting for the right moment. My dream of having my own website on aviation & defence, — two beats after my own heart—has now been realized. And what better than on the day when Indian Air Force turns 83.

Welcome to my universe, which is now Aviation & Defence Universe (ADU).  Beginning today, ADU has become a part of the aviation and defence journalism arena.  It will be available on your laptops, desktops, i-pads and mobile phones, Mondays to sundays wherever you happen to be.

Web remains by miles, today’s most popular medium and  attracts the gen-next too. Our web site, just born, will be seen around and evolving, in the years to come.

My decades as a defence and aviation journalist have reiterated the fact that content is always the king. Our stress will always be on authentic, verified and well written content. We believe in breaking news but not in yellow journalism.

The launch edition  is our effort to salute the soldier, commemorate the forces both defence and homeland security, move hand in hand with the industry and match steps with the ever growing civil aviation industry.

We remember the brave who came back keeping our frontiers safe and also those who couldn’t and made the supreme sacrifice. We join the nation in celebrating fifty years of the 1965 Indo-Pak War which made the country proud with the victory over an enemy we all love to hate.

The one thing we are sure of is the purpose of the website. ADU  will always be reporting facts and not changing them, free expression, adapting to changing technology, welcoming criticism, accepting suggestions and trying endlessly to make it your favourite read on the web.

We have taken the first step and hope you are there to hold our hand in all the steps forward.

ADU welcomes you all into its fold.

Sangeeta Saxena