Jakarta. 07 November 2018Rostec’s holding companies take part in the single Russian exposition at Indo Defense 2018. Rosoboronexport which is part of Rostec sets up the single Russian exposition. The delegation includes Rostec’s leading industrial holding companies, such as UAC, Tecmash, High Precision Systems NPO, and Shvabe.

Geographical location of Southeast Asian countries and numerous sea boarders pave the way for high demand for naval weapons and military equipment. Rostec will have a few very special items at Indo Defense 2018, some of them combat-proven.

Rosoboronexport presents the most promising weapons for the region, including Kalibr-PLE (Club-S) and Kalibr-NKE (Club-N) integrated missile systems, Bastion and Bal-E shore-based systems complete with the Yakhont anti-ship cruise missile and Kh-35E anti-ship missile respectively, as well as underwater weapons, namely UGST torpedoes and bottom mines.

“Rostec is ready to offer various technical solutions in defense sphere to its regional partners. The effectiveness of many Rostec’s designs has already been proved by the army,” said Industrial Director of Rostec Sergey Abramov. “High technical properties and reasonable prices make Russian weapons very popular in the region.”

The 122 mm 9М538 HE-fragmentation increased power warhead for the state-of-the-art Tornado-G multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) will be demonstrated abroad for the first time. It is designed to hit unsheltered and sheltered manpower, unarmored and lightly armored vehicles, command posts and other targets. The engagement range is 5 to 20 kilometers.

Besides, Rosobornexport will bring Russian AD systems, those which are particularly popular all over the world, Southeast Asia included. On the company’s bestseller list are the S-400 Triumph and Buk-M2E SAM systems, Pantsir S1 gun and missile AD system, and Verba MANPADS.

Shvabe will show more than twenty site samples of equipment. They include UV and short-wave infrared cameras forming part of ORION DRONE, BSV 16х40 water-resistant image-stabilized binocular glasses, and the commander’s panoramic surveillance device (PPNK navigation system).

Rostec enterprises are actively developing military-technical cooperation the countries of Southeast Asia, allowing Russia to confidently hold the second place in the world in export supplies of weapons and military equipment. Rosoboronexport’s order book reached record levels of $ 50 billion, and the total volume of supplies over the 18 years of Rosoboronexport’s operations already exceeds $ 150 billion.