Tokyo. 15 November 2019. The Noptel long-range laser rangefinder module family has enlarged with new modules. The small size open modules have garnered huge interest among system integrators since the start of the launch. Various system integrators have adopted the new rangefinder modules into their integrated systems and handheld devices.

Noptel LRF module family

The interesting part of Noptel laser rangefinder technologies are the long range laser rangefinder modules. These small sized and lightweight modules are provided for system integrators globally. The rangefinder modules exploit laser pulse flight time measurement technology, special cumulative measurement method and advanced signal processing techniques. By using this cumulative measurement method Noptel can exploit standard lasers and eye safe technology, yet reaching distances of several kilometres and at good measurement rate. Furthermore, the applied technology allows competitive pricing and the convenient small size of the modules.   

Noptel started to apply the cumulative measurement technology in rangefinder modules in a project with Belgian company FN Herstal, with whom Noptel developed a state-of-the-art multi-technology fire control unit FCU. Today, FN Herstal is a 100% shareholder of Noptel.


The technology developed for the FCU has later been used in the Noptel LRF modules. The family of Noptel LRF modules comprises modules from a tiny 27g, up to a 250g module. Range capability for the smallest modules is up to 4.5 km, and beyond 30 km for the high performance modules.


Typical applications for these modules are systems and handheld devices for thermal imaging, observation, surveillance, target acquisition, fire control and reconnaissance, as well as weapon sights and gimbals dedicated for drones and UAVs. The modules have been designed to operate as an OEM part of the complete system or device and controlled by the master unit. The modular structure of the modules allows mechanical restructuring when necessary. This is especially important when the available space in the master unit is limited.

Noptel displays its novel LRF module portfolio at DSEI JAPAN 2019 in Tokyo on 18 – 20 November 2019.