MBDA's Le Spezia is Italy's state-of-art facility

By Sangeeta Saxena.

Le Spezia, Italy. 19 September 2019. With its genesis in the 1970s through an industrial cooperation between Oto Melara and Matra Engins to develop the Otomat anti-ship missile system which is called Teseo in the Italian Navy,

MBDA La Spezia became the hub for producing the Italian Navy’s needs of missiles , producing for and are today absolutely state-of-the-art.

The author is a member of the group of Indian journalists who will be visiting this facility today. MBDA’s La Spezia facility carries out R&D and Integration in Italy in the fields of anti-ship, air-to-surface, surface-surface missiles and systems.

La Spezia site had over 50 years of activity on tactical anti-ship missile development, integration and production of missiles, making it the Italian reference point for anti-ship armaments.

This consolidated heritage provides high capability on the whole life cycle of a missile, from concept design until the disposal of the weapon system.

Around 200 people work at the site, which is considered home to Teseo, OTOMAT, the Marte family of missiles, as well as all future Italian anti-ship product evolution.