Rio de Janeiro. 03 April 2019. Taurus, CBC, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Barrett, Sig Sauer and RUAG Ammotec are present at LAAD2019. 
Manufacturers of firearms and ammunition from Brazil and the world are already planning the participation in LAAD Defense & Security, the most important trade fair in Latin America, held in Rio de Janeiro from April 2 to 5. The event brings together more than 450 national and international brands, of all the links of defense and security.

Taurus Armas, a Brazilian manufacturer of firearms that completes its 80 years of operations, presents at LAAD 2019 the latest launches of the brand that includes the 5.56 caliber T4 rifles and the Striker TS9 9mm caliber pistol. In addition to the RT44H revolver, chosen by editors and the American Hunter team from NRA Publications, such as the American Hunter Handgun of the Year 2019, one of the largest international awards in the industry.

Salesian Nuhs, Taurus’s largest shareholder and ammunition manufacturer in Brazil, points out that Taurus has concentrated domestic production in São Leopoldo (RS) to gain competitiveness and efficiency in industrial management. The company is also expanding production in the United States, where it has begun work on a new factory to be opened in 2020.

“The lawsuit is part of the long-term growth strategy in the North American market and aims to shift the operations of our subsidiary in Miami to Bainbridge, Georgia. The new plant has a combined investment of over US $ 42 million in infrastructure, operations and tax benefits and is 100% subsidized by the state of Georgia. The new plant will enable the company to increase local production by more than 50 percent, “says Nuhs.

For CBC, according to Nuhs, in 2019 the company plans to launch more than 20 products, covering news related to the military market, ammunition and cartridges for short and long weapons of civil, sports and police use. “In the last decade CBC has invested more than US $ 100 million in Brazil in modernizing and expanding production capacity. For the next few years, CBC will continue to grow and generate jobs with investments of US $ 60 million in our country, “says the executive.

At LAAD 2019 in April, CBC highlights a series of innovative ammunition, developed with its own technology. In the portfolio will be presented ammunition in medium caliber, 30x173mm and 40x53mm, and for rifles and machine guns. Also in ammunition for guns will be launched at the fair ammunition in 10mm caliber, high energy, intended for defense and sport. In addition to Pump CBC Military 3.0, which was the first 12-gauge shotgun approved by the Brazilian Army as Military Employment Material (MEM), with new design engineering that results in a specific weapon for military and police use. 
The president of Taurus and Vice President Commercial and Institutional Relations of CBC, comments on the possible influence of the new investiture order and speculation on the carrying of arms in the business of the two companies.

“With changes in the regulations for arms procurement, we believe there will be an increase in the demand of Brazilian citizens for firearms and ammunition for self-defense, protection of the family and property. The majority of the population was unaware of this possibility of purchase and now is understanding that can acquire following the legal requirements. 

And he adds: “CBC and Taurus have a production capacity far above Brazilian demand, even if it can double in size. We believe in this new phase of Brazil and we will meet all the national demand with priority, “he says.

International market – With a view to the possible opening of the Brazilian arms market and future business in the country, the foreign companies of the segment will also be present at LAAD Defense & Security 2019. The Austrian Glock will present new releases such as the Glock G45, Glock G43X and Glock G48. 

“We understand that the new political landscape will influence the markets of all manufacturers who see Brazil as an important country, including us. We participated in LAAD many years ago because of the substantial representativeness of Glock Group sales in Brazil and South America, “says Glock of Brazil President Franco Giaffone.

US brands Smith & Wesson, Barrett and Sig Sauer, and Switzerland RUAG Ammotec will also be at the business fair April 2-5 at Riocentro in Rio de Janeiro.