Kyiv, Ukraine. February 16, 2019 . Limpid Armor – a technology company from Kyiv (Ukraine) specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Computer Vision. Over the last two years, it has been actively involved in the development of a unique solution for the modernization of armored vehicles, which will finally be presented as the Land Platform Modernization Kit (LPMK) at IDEX 2019

The company has developed a military modification of the Microsoft Hololens with a simple and intuitive interface that allows crews to effectively perform combat missions. Camera modules outside the vehicle provide a 360-degree view for the tank crew in real time. Our own software provides recognition of allies-enemy, data visualization, including telemetry of all systems of the combat vehicle, task statuses, goals, interactive hints, placement of friendly and hostile units. It can be connected to the fire control system and receive data from the UAV.

The interesting thing is that Limpid Armor was elaborated in accordance with NATO standards, as it is a member of the NATO Science and Technology Organisation Working group. We are changing the role of tank/armored vehicle in the battlefield – now it senses the environment and is able to process environmental data – so it becomes the information processing center, which serves as an information source to bring full situational awareness for the crew and neighboring ally forces.