Rome. Italian airspace companies’ representatives have confirmed their interest in participating in the International aviation and space salon MAKS-2019 during the presentation held by Aviasalon JSC (Airshow host) and Dmitriy Pavlenko, Rostec State Corporation representative for Italian Republic. These events were held with the support of the Italian partners – Aerospace Gateway, Lazio Innova, Ice – Agenzia agency, as well as the regional administration of Lombardy and Lazio regions.

Meetings in Gallarata (Lombardy region) and Rome (Lazio region) held in the beginning of march brought together chief executives and specialists of more than 45 Italian companies specializing in the aerospace industry, all of them Level 2 or Level 3 suppliers. 

Russian side had provided detailed information about the International aviation and space salons and about the distinguishing features of the 2019 event. Italian manufacturers were especially interested in the possibility of participating in bilateral meetings with Russian aircraft companies’ representatives. “We are not willing to limit ourselves to just participating in a big international exhibition. We are interested in Italian companies supplying their products to the Russian companies”, – noted Aerospace Gateway representative Luigi Lombardi.

Meeting participants have also expressed their interest in organizing a joint Italian exposition during MAKS-2019. Support of this initiative from the local administration would allow for a dramatic decrease in expenses for the participation in the event as well as help promote the “Made in Italy” brand awareness. 

Presentation organizers have also emphasized that for the first time the International aviation and space salon will be held with People’s Republic of China participating as a Partner Country, which presents a unique opportunity to establish business communications with the leading companies of both countries during a single event.