• Designed for deployment in demanding ISR and tactical engagement missions, the Phoenix delivers reliable, high-performance broadband video and data connectivity.
Phoenix Family

Paris. 07 June 2022. A leading provider of advanced wireless communications solutions for defense and security forces, first responder teams and robotics platforms – is unveiling the Phoenix family of real-time broadband data link solutions, providing mission-critical wireless communications for multi-domain military operations.

Easily integrated with various leading military aerial, ground and naval platforms – such as drones, loitering munitions, UASs of all sizes, UGVs, mission helicopters and aircraft, and more – the new communications network is designed for demanding ISR and tactical engagement missions, while delivering reliable, high-performance broadband video and data connectivity. 

The Phoenix multi-platform solution is optimized for various link ranges, all the way up to 250 km (~150 mi) (PhoenixSR for short, PhoenixMR for medium and PhoenixLR for long). It provides a point-to-point as well as point-to-multiple-point link, working as a real-time communication relay in order to overcome line-of-sight issues arising in complex areas and tasks in the field.

The system supports two options for tactical combat ground units:

  • RVT – enables the combat unit to receive real-time data and video from an aerial platform  
  • ARVT –enables the combat unit to receive and transmit data and video, facilitating control of payloads

The Phoenix has ideal size, weight and power (SWaP) parameters, and advanced error correction techniques and algorithms that enable reliable and robust full-duplex wideband communications.

“Real-time wireless communication is critical for the successful execution of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and tactical engagement missions,” says Ariel Kandel, CEO of Commtact. “And yet, given the ever-growing number and types of military platforms, each with its own range and performance requirements, it is extremely challenging to ensure reliable wireless connectivity. Commtact’s communications solutions have been operationally proven to address all of these challenges. Like our other systems, the Phoenix provides a solution that is secure, flexible, reliable and rugged. Commtact has rich experience in the field of communication systems and our systems are installed on dozens of platforms around the world.”