Preparing forces through simulation

Paris 21 June 2022. Readiness is a key performance element of the Army and must meet new operational requirements. In this context, the use of simulation tools has become a necessity for force training.

Capability simulation tool, digital sandbox, training system for interpreting images collected by drones, virtual fire simulator, combat search and rescue decision support tool, training system air traffic controllers… The “modeling and simulation: the fights of the future prepare for the present” stand attracts many visitors, curious to put themselves in the shoes of a real soldier. “ Some of this software is already used by our forces. Today technology allows us total immersion. These simulators are intended to apprehend collaborative combat ,” says Lieutenant-Colonel Tio, joint simulation program officer.

Indeed, simulation has now become a necessity for the training of forces. “ These tools allow us to save money, whether in terms of resources when the equipment is not available or financially due to the price of fuel. We also save personnel since a computer can replace a complete brigade, for example , explains Lieutenant-Colonel Tio. The simulation also offers the possibility to train anywhere. Currently each regiment has a collective training space for training in the digitization of the workspace. »

Learn to train together

In a context of high-intensity combat, modeling thus represents a major asset. “ We must continue to convince on the merits of digital simulation. High intensity combat requires us to learn to train together. This is a new operational requirement. In this context, mastering digital tools has become essential , assures Lieutenant-Colonel Frédéric, an officer at the Army staff. Simulation allows us to maintain a high level of quality in operational training. There are always new requirements for simulation . »

From now on, the simulation must therefore meet new objectives: to face multi-environment threats, to decide more quickly thanks to artificial intelligence, to train in a network for collaborative combat and mission rehearsal through tactical evaluation.