Standard ADS-B legends for popular, fast-track version of Korry 389 5/8-inch cockpit switch featured at
Paris Air Show, June 19-25, Hall 5 C250
EVERETT, Wash., June 19, 2017 — Esterline, global leader in aerospace technologies, will showcase its latest pilot interface products at the Paris Air Show, June 19-25, Hall 5, Stand C250. Featured among several of its brands will be a recently released selection of Korry 389 5/8-inch LED switches configured as annunciators for ADS-B global positioning system (GPS) transceivers. They will be available for fast delivery as part of the Korry Quick Switch program.

These quick-ship Korry ADS-B annunciators will be of particular interest to aircraft operators facing the ADS-B Out deadline of January 2020 mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Korry 389 switches are the OEM switch solution for most aerospace platforms. Under the FAA rule, ADS-B Out will be required for aircraft operating in Class A, B and C airspace, in certain Class E airspace at or above 10,000 feet and around busy airports identified in 14 CFR part 91, Appendix D.
Specific benefits of the Korry ADS-B annunciators include:
  • Latest generation of high-brightness LEDs
  • Delivery as fast as three days
  • Uncompromising performance
  • Mechanical interchangeability with standard 5/8-inch switch installations
  • Options for custom and NVIS configurations
Esterline was the first manufacturer to introduce sunlight-readable LED switches with a patented dimming process, creating a much more robust product for the marketplace by eliminating the need for repairs.