Abidjan. 10 June 2021.     Elika Team the French leader in operational language applied to the field of Defense and Security came to present their solutions to ShieldAfrica.

For its first international show, Elika Team had the chance to be present on the ShieldAfrica. It is in this exhibition that Elika Team was able to mark its departure to the export after 4 years of R&D validated by the French forces.

Elika Team solves problems for which the defense and security actors were not aware that suitable solutions existed. The people in the security field were subjected to basic language training that had no connection with operational English, which in operations is a fatality. Thanks to its complete range of services and digital offer, Elika Team now meets this need everywhere on the African continent.

The need for a method of learning operative English was necessary to be able to do one’s job no matter what the circumstances.

ShieldAfrica gave us the opportunity to showcase our cognitive and proven effective method that applies to all language levels while demonstrating the latest tools we use to achieve its users goals.

“The presence of a start-up like Elika Team at an international exhibition is proof that a young company is fully capable of rapidly expanding into the export market and offering competitive solutions for export.” François Mattens, Director of Public Affairs and Innovation at GICAT and Head of the GENERATE by GICAT accelerator.

Today, Elika Team is proof that innovation in the world of defense is not only technological but can also be found in services.

“Our first experience at ShieldAfrica is already very rich in contacts. The various people who came to our booth first showed astonishment at discovering a service company, and then later found great interest in the solutions we offer.” Marc Lesueur, customer success manager