Abidjan. 8 June 2021.  The French tech company, Two-i, is showcasing their comprehensive video content analytics software solution during the Shield Africa Security & Defence exhibition.

This international biennial exhibition dedicated to security and defence starts today Tuesday, 8th June 2021, in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Shield Africa exhibition gathers world wide security experts to demonstrate the latest products and technology in security. And the decision-makers visiting are benefiting from discovering the solutions for ever-growing African territories.

The exhibition is expecting to receive more than 3650 professional visitors, and 145 exhibitors from all around the world. Amongst them, the French tech company Two-i, represented by CEO Guillaume Cazenave. Two-i, which specializes in AI-based video-protection technology solutions, has introduced its innovative video content analytics software.

Their solution offers: –

  • Real-time alert system to provide the proactive anti-intrusion solution
  • Statistical data analysis to provide business intelligence – Video-based search system to facilitate time-sensitive forensic investigation processes
  • Cartographic data/analytics display system to serve as a centralized security platform for multi-site security overview.
  • Two-i is exhibiting in collaboration with another French company Heracles, which provides private security and safety services, to strengthen and promote ‘Made in Franc’ solutions.