Abu Dhabi. 17 February 2019. Elettronica Group is showcasing its renewed brand identity, aimed at better promoting its 3 industrial branches: Elettronica S.p.A (Electronic Warfare), Elettronica GmbH (Homeland Security & EW) and CY4GATE (Cyber Warfare).

Throughout the years, the Group has expanded its range of products. In a geopolitical context characterized by asymmetrical and ever-changing threats, for almost 70 years, more than 30 countries worldwide have been relying on our cutting-edge technologies: Strategic Surveillance, Self-Protection, Sigint capabilities, Electronic Attack and Operational Support, for aerial, naval and terrestrial purposes, covering every aspect of Electronic Defence (radar, infrared and communication) and Cyber EW, Security and Intelligence applications.

With a steady presence founded in the 1980s and consolidated by the establishment of a representative office of its own, Elettronica regards the Gulf as a key region to its commercial growth. Today, GHQ Air Force’s Mirage aircrafts successfully rely on our top-notch jammer and ELINT surveillance systems. Most of the Navy’s ships are equipped with our surveillance technologies, and the Army’s EW Command has endowed itself with terrestrial ELINT systems on shelter.

Elettronica Group’s participation in IDEX will serve the purposes of reaffirming its focus on the Region and showcasing its flagship products and systems to better cope with new global challenges that severely test our security – drones, for instance. Therefore, the ability to detect, identify and neutralize mini and micro UAVs close to sensitive areas and critical infrastructures has become a strategic priority.

The Company’s relevance in this market is proven with success by ADRIAN (Anti-Drone Interception Acquisition and Neutralization), an advanced anti-drone system (for technical information please visit http://www.elt-roma.com/product/adrian). ADRIAN is an advanced anti-drone system dedicated to the protection of critical infrastructures and public areas during public events and civil airspace from hostile mini and micro drones threats. The company is already working with the Italian Air and Land Forces for the supply of our anti drone system (technical info http://www.elt-roma.com/product/adrian) and with a country in the Middle East.

*The system is based on multispectral sensors (Radar, EO/IR, acoustic and radio link interceptor) data fusion for the detection and identification functions and on a reactive and adaptive jammer to interrupt the remote control link of the platform without interfering with the communications that insist in the same area, and the navigation aids signals used to follow the programmed route through proper waypoints

IDEX will also offer Elettronica Group the opportunity to showcase the advanced EW suite for naval applications, initially developed from Italian Navy PPA vessel requirements. The core component of the suite is the EW Manager (EWMU), a computer-aided C2 fully dedicated to the EW layer and functionally integrating the EW subsystems. The presence of this important component makes the suite a System of Systems. The inclusion of an EW Manager provides an additional optimization of the EW management unit (sensor and countermeasures), based on signal correlation and fusion, threat situation, and mission status. The EWMU functionally integrates the ELT\33 CESM, ZEUS/VIRGIULIUS RECM/RESM capabilities and, in the future, the DIRCM in naval configuration.
*The ELT\33 is part of a new generation software/firmware defined sensor designed for fast real time interception, direction finding and automatic classification of complex broadband communication signals. VIRGILIUS/ZEUS architectures are suitable for any combat or multirole platform, including naval surface/submarine platforms. VIRGILIUS is conceived to perform emitter detection, classification, identification and to counter a large variety of threats including: radar controlled Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA), Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAM), Air-to-Air Missiles (AAM), Early Warning, Search radars and modern Multifunction LPI Radars.

EDGE, the new Escort Jamming solution for airborne applications based on a high level of electronic and mechanical innovation. An autonomous pod configuration designed to increase the survivability and success of attacking airborne forces with unique performances and installation capabilities.‎ EDGE’s functions are designed to create a safe corridor for multiple mission aircraft. Its embedded ELINT features and networking capabilities enhance situational awareness, intelligence collection. and advanced jamming countermeasure against new 3-digit radars (technical data http://www.elt-roma.com/product/edge).

At the Airshow Customers and Partners will finally have the opportunity to appreciate the Training & Education activities offered by the Group with its EW Academy, a modern and advanced center with dedicated infrastructures, assets, processes, scenario simulations and experts covering every aspect the evolving Electronic Warfare domain.  Five selected and reputed Customers in the world have already granted their trust to Elettronica, also thanks to an unprecedented experience gained in over 65 years.

Furthermore, at IDEX, the Group will present cyber intelligence and security solutions developed by its subsidiary CY4GATE, with particular emphasis on D-SINT, a cutting-edge platform able to support the Intelligence Cycle (planning, analysis, collection, production, dissemination) in achieving its goal: turning collected datas into tactical and strategic knowledge. Based on an open, modular and scalable architecture, D-SINT allows to collect and analyze in real time considerable amounts of structured and unstructured data streams coming from various types of sources: open, deep and dark web, local or already existing databases, producing, as an output, predefined templates to provide strategic decision makers with editable reports and texts.

In addition, this year Elettronica will double its presence in the Region. Beside the Company’s participation in the Exhibition, Carlo Margottini will be on the FREMM (European Multi-Purpose Frigate) supporting the naval campaign, which will dock in Abu Dhabi during the IDEX days. It is, by all means, an extraordinary occasion to promote an entire countrywide system, together with other major representatives of the National Defence industry.