innovative sensing and analysis system Paris. 11 June 2018Elbit Systems Ltd. introduces MAY, an innovative sensing and analysis system that provides real-time,autonomous, wide-area acoustic based intelligence that significantly enhances situational awareness and response time of security forces operating in urban and border areas.

Developed by Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT Elisra, MAY is based on high-end acoustic sensors which operate interactively within an area of interest. Compact and durable, these fixed-installation sensors sustain long-term, outdoor 24/7 operation using either wired or wireless communications.

innovative sensing and analysis system MAY continuously senses its surroundings, detects acoustic abnormalities and provides a real-time analysis of emanating sounds based on advanced algorithms and deep-learning. Once it detects an acoustic anomaly such as gun-fire, the system identifies the event, geo-location of the signals and automaticallyclassifies the sound type, pinpoints the geo-location of the signals and automatically provides actionable information to operating forces. MAY can also detect and process a variety of other public safety related sound signals including screaming, alarms and vandalism sounds.