Singapore. 17 February,2016. The Lufthansa Technik Design Organization has extended its scope of work under the company’s existing Part 21/J approval of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to include the Airbus A350. The MRO provider is thus authorized to develop andapprove minor repairs and changes on its own authority. This privilege accelerates the approval process significantly and can be  decisive in operational terms, for example with respect to dispatch reliability or cancellations.

Aircraft maintenance is typically carried out in accordance with the manuals. However, if an MRO provider has an approval under Part 21/J, then it can independently approve minor repairs without having to involve the respective authority. While the design approvals of the EASA Design Organization are basically limited to the scope of the European Union’s authority for aviation safety, they can also be used outside of the EASA, provided the respective national authority recognizes the European approvals. Since this is the case in many countries, the actual impact of the approval extends significantly beyond the scope of the EASA.