DCNS – your naval power. Just as their slogan states, DCNS is a French naval defence company which operates in over 10 countries, employing more than 13000 people. DCNS believes that the sea is crucial to the Earth’s future, thus investing time and finances, into researching the energy sector to provide realistic, necessary solutions for a sustainable use of the available resources. The company generates a revenue of about 3 billion euros annually, making them a considerable player on the marine defence market.

As a naval prime contractor, shipbuilder and systems integrator, DCNS also invents solutions for providing logistical support for naval forces and keeping them operational for missions in their deployment zones. For example, the Group has designed a range of Multipurpose Support for Force Projection vessels. These extremely versatile ships are capable of supplying the fleet with food, equipment, ammunition and troop reinforcements and can also offer repair capacity.

The Group has also developed a surface combatant and submarine management system that allows reduced crews to manoeuvre and control the ship easily and makes their missions safer and easier.

DCNS is one of the world’s leading provider of turnkey power generation systems. The company is famous for building a French aircraft carrier ‘Charles de Gaulle’, the largest warship currently in commission in Europe. The DCNS group has recently expanded its focus to nuclear civil engineering. DCNS is currently in the process of building new Barracuda-class submarines for the French navy, which are nuclear attack submarines, planned to replace the old Rubis-class submarines.

At a time of increasing threat on the high seas and more naval operations between allies, the availability and modernization of the fleet is a major challenge for Navies.

DCNS takes these concerns on board at a very early stage in its programmes by designing ships that can be maintained more quickly and simply. The Group carries out life support operations and modernizes vessels, naval bases and shipyards all over the world, always with a close eye on deadlines and costs. DCNS also offers training