“ Babcock had another successful year in 2016, continuing our track record of delivery. Our financial results show sustained growth in underlying revenue, operating profit and earnings per share, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategy and the quality of our operations.” – Peter Rogers CBE, Chief Executive (CEO) of Babcock International Group plc

As a major provider of services and products in both the military and public sectors, Babcock International Group is at the forefront of innovation in a wide variety of fields ranging from defence development to education programmes, from emergency rescue to firefighting aircraft, from information and technology to maintenance and equipment, and from energy to transport.

With a reach extending to all environments, from the mind and the database to nature itself, whether land, sea or air, Babcock guarantees product excellence and customer satisfaction, a trust established through their century-old history. Having celebrated their 125th anniversary in 2016, Babcock stands in a leading position in the FTSE 100 UK, and currently operates in markets across the globe with a skilled workforce of over 35,000 employees.

Babcock International Group is thus an intricate component to the industrial and governmental domains, with consultancy, training and equipment, as well as maritime and aviation infrastructure, highlighting their dedicated duty to minimise customer costs while ensuring quality. With close ties to the British Armed Forces and the Health and Emergency sectors, Babcock maintains continuous availability of the latest resources; a commitment to the safety of the private and public spheres.