Moscow. 31 August 2021. “The performance at the“ Guardian of Order ”military police competition within the framework of the International Army Games-2021, which takes place on the territory of Serbia, for the representatives of Cyprus, is an opportunity for the representatives of Cyprus to study new weapons for themselves and learn from the experience of foreign colleagues,” the soldier said during the second stage of the competition. National Guard of Cyprus, Corporal Alexandros Zervos.

At the shooting range, the participants from Cyprus move slowly, but this is their deliberate choice, Zervos said. “We decided to move more slowly, but at the same time be more effective in shooting. And this gave its result: we lost only five bullets in the entire shooting. This is much better than it was yesterday,” he explained.

Thus, Alexandros Zervos believes that the Cyprus national team will definitely come to victory.

“This is the first time we use such pistols; we have never held them in our hands in our life. So everything here is new to us. That is why we decided to do everything carefully, handle our weapons carefully, and next year we will win the competition, ”said a military policeman from Cyprus.

The second stage of the competition “Guardian of the order” “Actions of the patrol squad in the village” took place at the Serbian training ground in Zicha today. The Cypriot team took the second place on it, and according to the results of yesterday’s shooting, the representatives of the island nation are still occupying the last line of the rating.

The competition “Guardian of Order” is held in the Serbian city of Kraljevo from August 29 to September 3 and consists of four stages. During them, the participants will have to demonstrate their shooting skills, practice the actions of a patrol squad in an impromptu settlement, go through a special obstacle course, including in a patrol car, and also make a military-police throw for 12 kilometers.