Ø Center will employ hundreds of local employees to undertake engineering and technology tasks

Ø India’s engineering and technology talent will enhance Boeing’s ability to deliver cutting-edge aerospace innovations
New Delhi. 24 January 2017. Boeing launched the Boeing India Engineering & Technology Center (BIETC) in Bangalore.

Hundreds of local Boeing employees will work to support Boeing – including Information Technology & Data Analytics, Engineering, Research & Technology, and Test. BIETC will leverage a talented pool of employees to increase productivity and long-term competitiveness to support Boeing’s engineering growth in strong global markets like India.

“When we look for regions of competitiveness for the company around the world, we look at building cost, capability and market access advantages,” said Pratyush Kumar, president for Boeing India. “In India we see a true path towards a mutual partnership for success, and the launch of BIETC is a major step in that direction.”
“The BIETC and the talented people who work here are strengthening Boeing’s efforts to innovate, compete and win by providing contributions in key technology areas that make our products and services more capable and more valuable,” said Greg Hyslop, Boeing chief technology officer, and senior vice president, Boeing Engineering, Test & Technology.

“Boeing IT has been working in India with Tier-1 suppliers for many years,” said Ted Colbert, Boeing chief information officer and senior vice president, Information & Analytics. “The new center is instrumental in promoting the digital transformation of Boeing by utilizing India’s talent seamlessly with our U.S. teams.”
With a mix of technically proficient engineers, BIETC will undertake high quality technology-driven work to support areas as diverse as the development of advanced environment friendly coatings, data analytics for next generation Airplane Health Management tools, software tools for airlines and airports to improve their operations and reduce costs, automation for more efficient next-generation manufacturing, systems, infrastructure and analytics.