• BIAL to invest over Rs 13,000 crore for development of the Airport, including T2, NSPR and associated infrastructure

Bengaluru. 10 January 2019.  The Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru – BLR Airport – is all set to get bigger and better. India’s aviation growth has been unprecedented; Bengaluru has been setting the pace and has emerged as one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world. Announcing one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Country, BIAL is set to undertake a massive Rs. 13000 crore capital programme to cater to the demands of a civil aviation market that has been growing at a blistering pace of 25% YoY for the last 3 years. The current capital development programme includes a new terminal, a second runway, massive expansion to the access roads and internal road infrastructure, utilities as well as a new multi-modal transport hub.

Commenting on the ongoing projects,  Hari Marar, MD & CEO, BIAL, said: “The second terminal – T2 – is our dedication to this beautiful city of Bengaluru. Designed as a reflection of this City, T2 will be founded on 4 pillars: technological leadership, being a terminal in a garden, environmental and ecological stewardship and a celebration of Karnataka’s rich heritage and culture. Of course, it goes without saying that all this will be centred on the most important element – the needs of our customers. BIAL worked with some of the finest global minds on the design and planning of this Terminal. While T2 is designed to be an iconic terminal – one that Bengaluru can truly be proud of – it will be built at the most affordable cost and in the most responsible manner. The Terminal will be world-class in all respects – starting from its design, the processes, the people who manage it, the sustainable practices it embraces and the performance it achieves.”

“Over the last ten years, BLR Airport has evolved as the Gateway to South India and with this next phase of expansion, the aim is to position our Airport as the Gateway to a New India. Once ready, the Airport will offer passengers seamless and delightful experiences, powered by cutting-edge technology,”  Marar added.

During this construction phase, BIAL’s Teams will put various processes in place and work closely with multiple stakeholders to ensure minimal impact on the passenger experience. BIAL will also undertake a slew of measures to continuously cater to the requirements of growth for the period of development of the new infrastructure.

Bhaskar Anand Rao, Chief Financial Officer, BIAL, said the project would be a boost to the economy. “Phase 2 of Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru will provide a huge boost to the connectivity of people and goods of the State and provide the much needed capacity that a growing city like Bengaluru richly deserves. Once operational, the Airport will create more opportunities for businesses at the Airport and fuel the economic growth of the region and Country. Our aim has been to ensure that not only should we deliver an iconic asset of which the people can be truly proud, but also set benchmarks in the way such project is delivered – at a cost that is affordable and to the highest standards of corporate governance.”

Meanwhile,  Tom Shimmin, Chief Project Officer, BIAL, said: “Designed to provide the highest level of passenger comfort and dramatic visual impression, upon completion, the new terminal will substantially increase the overall capacity of the Airport. T2 is designed in a manner that we retain the philosophy of simplicity and minimal walking distances for the passengers – a key characteristic of the BLR Airport. With the use of a combination of the latest in construction technology and natural material, this Terminal will establish a new vision for sustainable growth. The new passenger terminal will cater to the specific needs of the Airport’s spectrum of users and provide a seamless travel experience. This will help the BLR Airport remain competitive and stay ahead of the growth in passenger demand.”