Cairo.  03 December 2018. Zen Technologies USA, Inc., will exhibit at EDEX 2018 (Stand No. 1830) at Egypt International Exhibition Centre, New Cairo, EGYPT).

Zen Technologies, at EDEX, is demonstrating Point of Need systems that bring flexibility, portability and simplicity to train individuals and teams. Previewing Adaptive Training to develop and customize training curriculums based on data captured from training exercises is the aim of these systems.

Fully integrated and distributed training platform integrates Live Fire, Live Force-on-Force, Virtual and Constructive (L-LVC) training, all operating under a Common Operating Picture.

For a soldier or unit to be truly 24/7 combat ready, training must be in realistic combat training environments with post-training exercise analysis of skills performed based on objective and subjective guidelines. Zen Technologies will demonstrate capabilities, new technologies and training systems that develop, maintain, improve and quantitatively measure Combat Readiness.

Zen will be showcasing the CTC (Combat Training Centre), a fully integrated Live Fire, Live Force-on-Force, Virtual and Constructive Training Centre. Zen’s CTC assists the Training Commander to ensure an individual fighter’s readiness and combat team readiness at all times, The CTC allows individuals and teams to train under a Common Operating Picture across all combat training environments.

Zen will preview Adaptive Training capabilities, the future of combat training. Bayesian Inference techniques will be used on data from AWeSim to simulate performance on future missions to predict team readiness and proficiency. Ultimately this will be used to personalize training curriculum to develop even better Combat Ready soldiers.

Zen Technologies will also be showcasing TacSim®, a laser instrumented tactical engagement simulation system to judge, develop and maintain brigade level collective skills through large-area force-on-force training exercises. War Gaming Solutions are also being showcased.