Dear Friends,

In a news portal on aerospace & defence this would be an odd editorial to read but the truth is that for years I have been trying to tell the wives in the forces and girls who are planning to enter matrimony that contrary to the belief, the armed forces don’t restrict a fauji wife’s flight in life but gives them more power to fly straight and glide ahead.

Getting married at 21 when the glitter and glamour of the olive green over shadowed academic inclination, little did I know that it was this fraternity which would motivate, help and stand by me when I decide to further study or make a career in a field which was in those days a totally man’s arena.

A happy life where the discussions revolved around welfare, ladies club , dining in , dining out, exercises, temporary duties, regimental gatherings and calling a new city home every two years, the forces is the best example of a close knit joint family. A life any woman would love to live but very few know that it is this fraternity which encourages you, supports you and promotes you when you decide to think of a career. Contrary to the misnomer there are no compulsions of fauji wife duties by senior officers’ wives when they know you have classes to attend, offices to go to and small kids to look after.

So eventually it is your drive which will get you to the desired destination. If you want to make a career and excel in it, the Army just stands by you strongly and our commitments as Army Wives have never been a hindrance. They infact make us better human beings.

And with women now being a part of the profession the armed forces is on its way to becoming an equal opportunity employer. So want to tell all those girls out there join the forces if you have the inclination and if not, then marry into the defence forces. Both the ways you will lead a full and meaningful life. Happy Women’s day!

Sangeeta Saxena

08 March 2019