• Its Quarantine centres shelter 1095 evacuees

New Delhi. 20 March 2020. Since the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus in Wuhan, China Air Force, Army and Navy Ministry of Defence have proactively worked to evacuate Indian people from the Covid-19 affected countries China, Iran, Italy and Japan and quarantined them at their facilities to release after mandatory isolation. From 1st February, 2020 till date the Air Force has evacuated 1059 people (including 05 foreigners)  and quarantined them at their facilities/bases in Manesar(Haryana), Hindan (Ghaziabad), Ghatkopar, Mumbai and Jaisalmer (Rajasthan). Details as follows:

Sl No.LocationNumberDate of CommencementDate of ReleaseRemarks
1.Manesar24801 Feb 202018 Feb 2020Evacuees from Wuhan, ChinaQuarantine over, all released
2.Manesar124 (inc 05 foreigners)27 Feb 202012 Mar 2020Evacuees from Japan Cruise ShipQuarantine over. All released
3.Hindan1827 Feb 202012 Mar 2020Medical team and Air Crew who flew to WuhanQuarantine over. All released.
4.Hindan5810 Mar 202023 Mar 2020Evacuees from Iran01 pt (viral pneumonia, 67yr/F) refd to Safdarjung Hosp. Tested negative
5.Manesar8311 Mar 202024 Mar 2020Evacuees from ItalyOne personrefd to Safdarjung Hosp. Tested positive
6.Ghatkopar4413 Mar 202026 Mar 2020Evacuees from Iran06 pts symptomatic refd to Kasturba Hosp. Mumbai, all tested negative and brought back to quarantine camp
7.Jaisalmer23615 Mar 202028 Mar 2020Evacuees from Iran03 pts at isolation wd in 15 AFH
8.Jaisalmer5316 Mar 202029 Mar 2020Evacuees from Iran
9.Jaisalmer19518 Mar 202031 Mar 2020Evacuees from Iran

Besides the Indian Navy has set up a quarantine camp at INS Vishwakarma at Vishakhapatnam which is fully equipped to accommodate nearly 200 personnel. Navy has also set up isolation facilities at its premier hospital INHS Asvini at Mumbai.   The Naval base, Kochi under Southern Naval Command (SNC), is gearing up to provide quarantine facilities for Indian nationals. The SNC is also actively coordinating with the Kerala state health officials and Ernakulam district administration to explore the feasibility of provisioning civil hotels/resorts for quarantining.

Besides all Army Hospitals have been kept on alert to meet any eventuality.

In an event of releasing the Draft Defence Procurement Procedure 2020 here today, Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh said the current Covid-19 situation will not have much impact on their long gestation project.